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Developing an executive learning community: Focus on collective creation

Julkaisun tekijätLepistö Tanja Tuulikki, Hytti Ulla

KustantajaAcademy of Management


JournalAcademy of Management Learning and Education




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The preoccupation within executive education with addressing relevance
and resource constraints, with developing the capacity of participants
to become reflexive practitioners, and with sustaining long-lasting
change in organizations calls for new innovations and formats for
executive education. Building on theories of the collective creation of
value and learning communities, and employing a methodology based on
narrative ethnography, we empirically investigated how collective
creation is facilitated to develop a learning community in executive
education with a longitudinal study of learning camps. The study
demonstrated how improvisational theater activities can strengthen
collective creation to foster the development of a learning community
and how the sense of community supports collective creation. The study
develops a framework for developing executive learning communities.

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