Refereed journal article or data article (A1)

Forum: Perceiving Security and Insecurity: The Campus Carry Law in Texas

List of Authors: Heiskanen Benita

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Place: Cambridge

Publication year: 2020

Journal: Journal of American Studies

eISSN: 1469-5154




This introduction lays out the research design of a project on the Texas state “Campus Carry” gun legislation (SB 11) that went into effect in 2016. The project's transdisciplinary and multi-methodological approach – based on team fieldwork, personal interviews, focus groups, testimonials, visual materials, and a survey – is used to offer an example of phenomenon-based American studies research that is contextualized beyond disciplinary boundaries. Public debates, personal experiences, and cultural analysis demonstrate the de facto ramifications of gun legislation on people's lives. Considering viewpoints both for and against Campus Carry, the discussion reveals deep-seated beliefs about guns as an intrinsic part of “Americanness.”

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