Article or data-article in scientific journal (B1)

Meta-analysis of the Glial Marker TSPO in Psychosis Revisited: Reconciling Inconclusive Findings of Patient-Control Differences

List of Authors: Plavén-Sigray Pontus, Matheson Granville J., Coughlin Jennifer M., Hafizi Sina, Laurikainen Heikki, Ottoy Julie, De Picker Livia, Rusjan Pablo, Hietala Jarmo, Howes Oliver D., Mizrahi Romina, Morrens Manuel, Pomper Martin G., Cervenka Simon

Publisher: Elsevier USA

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Biological Psychiatry

Journal name in source: Biological Psychiatry

Volume number: 89

Issue number: 3

eISSN: 1873-2402


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