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Trekstuaaliset tilat: Käännöstieteen ja tekstuaalitieteiden rajavyöhykkeellä

List of Authors: Laura Ivaska, Sakari Katajamäki, Tiina Holopainen, Hanna Karhu, Lauri A. Niskanen, Outi Paloposki

Conference name: Kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen tutkimuksen symposiumi

Place: Tampere

Publication year: 2020

Journal: MikaEL - Kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen tutkimuksen symposiumin verkkojulkaisu

Book title *: MikaEL 13

ISSN: 1797-3112

URL: https://www.sktl.fi/liitto/seminaarit/mikael-verkkojulkaisu/vol/mikael-vol13-2020/

Self-archived copy’s web address: https://research.utu.fi/converis/portal/detail/Publication/48815944


Translation studies and textual scholarship have much common ground. In this paper, we set to explore how three of their central concepts, translation, transmission and text, can be approached from a multidisciplinary point of view. Combining these three central terms, we call this approach trextual. This paper is based on the workshop on trextuality held at the KäTu Symposium in Tampere in 2019. In the workshop, the discussion built upon an introduction, which examined the foundations of trextuality, and four papers, which addressed genetic trans-lation criticism, retranslation, polyphony and translation of intertextuality, as well as multi-modality of audiovisual translation, respectively. The workshop revealed that the juxtaposing of two text-oriented disciplines, translation studies and textual studies, and comparing their simi-larities and differences reveals unexplored areas and weaknesses in their axiomatic fundaments. In particular, the papers presented in the workshop invited to reconsider transmission, defini-tions of text, and source text-target text pairs in different contexts. The workshop provided a starting point for further trextual studies exploring such cross-disciplinary questions.

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