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Negative Predictive Value of Biparametric Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Excluding Significant Prostate Cancer: A Pooled Data Analysis Based on Clinical Data from Four Prospective, Registered Studies

Julkaisun tekijät: Juha Knaapila, Ivan Jambor, Otto Ettala, Pekka Taimen, Janne Verho, Ileana Montoya Perez, Aida Kiviniemi, Tapio Pahikkala, Harri Merisaari, Tarja Lamminen, Jani Saunavaara, Hannu J.Aronen, Kari T.Syvänen, Peter J.Boström

Kustantaja: Elsevier B.V.

Julkaisuvuosi: 2020

Journal: European Urology Focus

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimi: European Urology Focus

ISSN: 2405-4569

eISSN: 2405-4569




Multiparametric prostate magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) can be considered the gold standard in prostate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Biparametric prostate MRI (bpMRI) is faster and could be a feasible alternative to mpMRI.


To determine the negative predictive value (NPV) of Improved Prostate Cancer Diagnosis (IMPROD) bpMRI as a whole and in clinical subgroups in primary diagnostics of clinically significant prostate cancer (CSPCa).

Design, setting, and participants

This is a pooled data analysis of four prospective, registered clinical trials investigating prebiopsy IMPROD bpMRI. Men with a clinical suspicion of prostate cancer (PCa) were included.


Prebiopsy IMPROD bpMRI was performed, and an IMPROD bpMRI Likert scoring system was used. If suspicious lesions (IMPROD bpMRI Likert score 3–5) were visible, targeted biopsies in addition to systematic biopsies were taken.

Outcome measurements and statistical analysis

Performance measures of IMPROD bpMRI in CSPCa diagnostics were evaluated. NPV was also evaluated in clinical subgroups. Gleason grade ≥3 + 4 in any biopsy core taken was defined as CSPCa.

Results and limitations

A total of 639 men were included in the analysis. The mean age was 64 yr, mean prostate-specific antigen level was 8.9 ng/ml, and CSPCa prevalence was 48%. NPVs of IMPROD bpMRI Likert scores 3–5 and 4–5 for CSPCa were 0.932 and 0.909, respectively, and the corresponding positive predictive values were 0.589 and 0.720. Only nine of 132 (7%) men with IMPROD bpMRI Likert score 1–2 had CSPCa and none with Gleason score >7. Thus, 132 of 639 (21%) study patients could have avoided biopsies without missing a single Gleason >7 cancer in the study biopsies. In the subgroup analysis, no clear outlier was present. The limitation is uncertainty of the true CSPCa prevalence.


IMPROD bpMRI demonstrated a high NPV to rule out CSPCa. IMPROD bpMRI Likert score 1–2 excludes Gleason >7 PCa in the study biopsies.

Patient summary

We investigated the feasibility of prostate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with the Improved Prostate Cancer Diagnosis (IMPROD) biparametric MRI (bpMRI) protocol in excluding significant prostate cancer. In this study, highly aggressive prostate cancer was excluded using the publicly available IMPROD bpMRI protocol (

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