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Considering sustainability in cruise vessel design and construction based on existing sustainability certification systems

Julkaisun tekijät: Kaisa Könnölä, Karri Kangas, Kaapo Seppälä, Marileena Mäkelä, Teijo Lehtonen

Kustantaja: Elsevier BV

Julkaisuvuosi: 2020

Journal: Journal of Cleaner Production

Volyymi: 259

Sivujen määrä: 11

ISSN: 0959-6526



Interest towards sustainability in cruise industry has increased during
recent years. This article focuses in the ship design and construction
phase and what sustainability indicators can be collected – and adapted -
from certification systems in other sectors. Certificates in land-based
construction and hospitality sectors, as well as a general reporting
scheme called Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), serve as a benchmark in
this study. The indicators that can be collected already during the
design and construction phase are categorized, the categories are linked
to the phase in which the indicators have effect on, and the
applicability of each category for cruise industry is considered. The
certificates for land-based construction are more detailed than GRI and
more thorough than certificates in hospitality sector. From the
indicators affecting design and construction phase, indicators in general management of the project, material selection and waste management
categories can be utilized in cruise industry similarly to existing
sustainability systems. While social sustainability is seen important in
cruise industry, in land-based construction sector the social sustainability indicators
are scarce, whereas GRI or even hospitality sector certificates have
more comprehensive set of indicators. In indicators affecting the
operation time, modification and additions are required before usage in
cruise industry. The environmental effects should be redefined taking into account especially the air pollution and waste management. In well-being effects and encouraging sustainable lifestyle
there are plenty of unsuitable indicators due to the operational
environment, but new indicators could be developed on the crew premises.
Building efficiency and commissioning are suitable for cruise industry. Although there are only a few indicators affecting the deconstruction phase, they can be considered suitable.

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