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LGBTQ+ Students’ Experiences of Junior High School Nursing in Finland: A Qualitative Study

List of AuthorsMinna Laiti, Heidi Parisod, Anni Pakarinen, Salla Sariola, Mark Hayter, Sanna Salanterä


Publication year2020

JournalJournal of School Nursing

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Previous research shows that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and other (LGBTQ+) students can experience substantial emotional- and health-related issues at school, but research into LGBTQ+ students’ experiences of school nursing is limited. This qualitative study describes the experiences of Finnish LGBTQ+ students engaging with junior high school nurses. Data were collected from 35 LGBTQ+ students using an online survey tool comprising of a set of open-ended questions. Two interconnecting themes were identified following thematic analysis: (1) junior high school nurse engagement: a mixed or unsatisfactory experience and (2) LGBTQ+ students’ needs for diversity-affirming junior high school nursing. Findings show that LGBQT+ students felt junior high school nurse engagement was often unsupportive with issues around their sexuality and gender identity. LGBTQ+ students expressed the need for diversity-affirming information and support in school settings. Further research from school nurses’ perspective is needed to increase understanding of this topic.

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