A4 Article in conference proceedings

Anticipating the emerging innovation ecosystem of synthetic biology

List of Authors: Oksanen Kaisa, Dufva Mikko, Ahlqvist Toni

Conference name: International society for professional innovation management conference

Place: Budapest

Publication year: 2015

Book title *: The Proceedings of The XXVI ISPIM Conference 2015 : Shaping the Frontiers of Innovation Management

ISBN: 978-952-265-779-4


This paper presents a future-oriented analysis methodology for studying
emergent innovation ecosystems. The methodology is developed in a
foresight study on synthetic biology. In the article we envision that
new innovation ecosystems, including both small and large enterprises,
will arise in the coming years in bioeconomy, and that one of the most
interesting new ecosystems is based on a radical technological
trajectory called synthetic biology. By studying this development we
hope to gain important knowledge on the processes, actors, enablers,
barriers, and overall mechanisms of innovation ecosystems in fields that
are cutting-edge but still in their infancy. The outcomes act as a
positive driver for anticipating, developing and managing innovation
ecosystems in the emerging industries and regimes.

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