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Rethinking transformative agency for the bio-society

List of Authors: Amos Taylor

Publication year: 2019

Book title *: Constructing Social Futures – Sustainability, Responsibility and Power

ISBN: 978-952-249-528-0

eISBN: 78-952-249-529-7


In this paper the concept of 'transformative agency' is reconsidered within the context of the future potential of the bio-economy and bio-society. Individuals own motivations and focused actions toward a positive transformation to a sustainable society have been highlighted as important factors. And yet for the bioeconomy, an economy that's services and resources surround bio, there has been strong criticism of decisions and strategies that are unequally top-down. It has been said that citizens are misrepresented and communities are unaware of the ramifications of new bio based economy. On the other hand there is great deal of hope and discussion that resides in the activities of entrepreneurs and consumers. There are suggestions that society will be more and more involved in this new bio-paradigm, where individual agency will have new meaning to be more conscientious, innovative and green, where bio-cities offer an urban twist to industries and practices usually thought of as rural or industrial, like food production on rooftops, micro reactors and forest filled urban structures. These may lead to what has been termed a bio-society by Mika Mannermaa. Re-reading the literature of agency in this light outlines the positive initiatives as well as the challenges. Methodologically from a targeted literature search and horizon scanning conducted in the bioeconomy and justice project at the FFRC, the theme of agency's role in the transformation for biosociety is explored. The aim of the paper is to discuss what is the role of transformative agency and how can it be reconsidered for the coming challenges we face?

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