Professional conference proceedings (D3)

Examining interactions, relationships and networks in the context of Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) – a mutual benefit for the IMP and CCI research?

List of AuthorsArja Lemmetyinen, Tanja Lepistö

Conference nameIMP Forum

Publication year2019

Book title *IMP Conference Papers




Recent estimations show that the Cultural and
Creative Industries (CCIs) employ 7.5% of the EU’s workforce and add around EUR
500 billion to GDP. Additionally, CCIs are seen to benefit other industries and
areas of society, such as education, regional and local development, and
improved social inclusion and community life; contribute significantly to youth
employment and be resilient in the context of the economic crisis, and support
the global relationship of the EU. By operating at the crossroads between arts, business and technology,
Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) create spill over effects in other
industries (IT, tourism, fashion). However, screening
on the academic journals where many IMP-scholars publish their research - for
example Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business Research
doesn’t show too many cases with the CCIs as a context. This assumption has
inspired the authors of this study to review and
analyze whether the key words like interactions, relationships and networks
as  the symbols for the
business-to-business marketing approach in the ”traditional” industries and so
commonly utilized in the industrial marketing research, do appear in the
marketing and management research focused on the context of CCIs. This conceptual paper will be based on a literature
review on one hand on the academic journals in the field of industrial
marketing management, business research and on the other hand on the journals
focusing on the CCIs as the context. This is a work-in-process paper at a very
initial stage aiming at contributing to the IMP school of thought by bringing
more knowledge about the CCIs as a potential context. The paper wishes to
contribute also to the academic journals focusing on the CCIs by taking the
classical IMP-based concepts to the consciousness of the scholars publishing in
those journals.


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