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Interactions, relationships and networks in the context of CCIs (Culture and Creative Industries) – a systematic literature review

Julkaisun tekijätArja Lemmetyinen, Tanja Lepistö

Konferenssin vakiintunut nimiNordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research



The academic debate of creative industries was boosted with Florida’s
seminal work The Rise
of the Creative Class and How it’s Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and
Everyday Life (2002). 
Florida defined creative class
asany individuals
with original ideas both in the creative
and in the knowledge-intensive industries” (Florida, 2002).  During the first decennium of the 21st
century many scholars have debated on how to define Creative Industries, see
for instance: (Caves 2000; Scott 2000; Hesmondhalgh 2002; Miller 2009; Power

More recently CCIs have been researched in
connection to entrepreneurship and business issues (Artico & Tamma, 2018;
Konrad, 2018; Borin, Donato & Sinapi, 2018; Schulte-Holthaus, 2018), also
the value of creative industries for change and development has been discussed
(Goldberg-Miller & Kooyman, 2018) and CCIs have been researched in the
context of regional and destination development (Mikic, 2018; Eisenbeis, 2018).
Eisenbeis (2018) discusses how to create suitable conditions and an ecosystem
favorable to start-ups and entrepreneurs. In this case the focus is on how to
best prepare a region for the future and how Stuttgart might become less
dependent on the automotive sector and machinery industry. In the
postindustrial world there is a multitude of regions, cities and rural areas
with similar problems and aims of adapting their business in the postindustrial

According to the network-based academic
literature, firms and organizations do not act independently in the market
(Håkansson and Snehota, 1989; Ford et al., 1998). In order to develop their
activities, they have to interact with other firms and organizations (Grandori
and Soda, 1995; Ritter and Gemünden, 2003). This agglomeration of
interdependent organizations then forms an industrial network (Möller and
Halinen, 1999; Wilkinson and Young, 2003), which in turn creates value as an
entity (Niu, Miles, Bach and Cinen, 2012).

With a comprehensive and systematic
literature review the authors aim  at
summarizing and synthesizing evidence about how interactions, relationships and
networks – so commonly used in the “average” industries - are researched in the
context of culture and creative industries or CCIs.

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