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HotDrink A Library for Web User Interfaces

List of Authors: Freeman J, Järvi J, Foust G


Publication year: 2013

Journal: ACM sigplan notices

Journal name in source: ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES

Journal acronym: ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES

Volume number: 48

Issue number: 3

Number of pages: 4

ISSN: 0362-1340


HotDrink is a JavaScript library for constructing forms, dialogs, and other common user interfaces for Web applications. With HotDrink, instead of writing event handlers, developers declare a "view-model" in JavaScript and a set of "bindings" between the view-model and the HTML elements comprising the view. These specifications tend to be small, but they are enough for HotDrink to provide a fully operational GUI with multi-way data flows, enabling/disabling of values, activation/deactivation of commands, and data validation. HotDrink implements these rich behaviors, expected of high-quality user interfaces, as generic reusable algorithms. This paper/tool demonstration introduces developers to the HotDrink library by stepping through the construction of an example web application GUI.The library is a concrete realization of our prior work on the "property models" approach to declarative GUI programming. To encourage adoption among developers, we have packaged the technology following established web programming conventions.

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