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Refining Engineering MSc Theses with a Focus Enhancing Structure Model

List of Authors: Antti Hakkala, Seppo Virtanen

Conference name: International CDIO Conference

Place: Aarhus

Publication year: 2019

Journal: Proceedings of the International CDIO Conference

Book title *: The 15th International CDIO Conference: Proceedings – Full Papers

ISBN: 978-87-7507-459-4



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We discuss a conceptual thesis structure model and visual tool for enhancing the writing process in the context of an engineering Master’s thesis. Our model is based on visualizing the thesis as a series of funnels that adjust the writing focus to the desired scope in each individual chapter. At the end of the thesis, the focus is widened back into the original topic area with a reflection on how the solutions proposed in the thesis have impacted or potentially will impact the field. Using our model gives students the opportunity to write a good Master’s thesis in various engineering disciplines. In our experience, the Focus Funnel approach has been very useful and effective, resulting in an overall improvement in the quality of engineering Master’s theses in our degree program.

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