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Robust Stabilization for Non-linear Applications of Cyber physical Systems

Julkaisun tekijät: Tahir Anam, Pervaiz Mahmood

Kustantaja: Global Science and Technology Forum

Julkaisuvuosi: 2015

Journal: GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology

Volyymi: 3

Julkaisunumero: 2



The stabilization of unstable non-linear compositions is
an important and complex phenomenon across the worldwide. The
purpose of this research is to model a robust control design for the
stabilization of non-linear, unstable, and under actuated applications
of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) using the High Performance
Sliding Mode Control (HPSMC) methodology, which has a
negligible control errors (chattering) phenomenon. This study focuses
on the designing of feedback controllers by means of HPSMC for
two applications of CPS i.e., inverted pendulum system and mass
spring damper system, both representing non-linear structures. The
SMC procedure is based on saturated approximation of the control
laws in order to obtain balanced and controlled behavior at, 1)
minimum stabilizing time, and 2) unstable equilibrium points while
producing negligible chattering occurrences. This technique provides
a robust platform for the non-linear, unstable, and under actuated
applications of CPS. The systems’ narrations, control objectives, and
implementation results of robust feedback controllers are drawn
attention to evaluate the reduced control error performance.

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