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Innovative and Efficient Teaching Methodology for Digital Communication Systems using an e-Learning Platform

List of AuthorsRajeev Kanth, Jukka-Pekka Skön, Arto Toppinen, Kari Lehtomäki, Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Jukka Heikkonen

PublisherEngineering and Technology Publishing

Publication year2019

JournalJournal of Communications

Volume number14

Issue number8

Start page689

End page695



This paper studies the possibilities of employing an e-Learning platform for effective teaching and evaluation of a course on Digital Communication Systems. The platform not only provides high-impact pedagogical practices that deepen learning and foster student engagement, but is also an appropriate tool for efficient instructional methodology, accurate and transparent student evaluation, and easy implementation. The main motivation behind building the course material using the online e-Learning platform is twofold. First, to impart substantial knowledge and understanding to the students effectively; and second, to receive student performance statistics and feedback instantly at the completion of each module of the course. The adopted approach of imparting knowledge to the students utilizes an innovative and customizable platform for efficient learning outcomes. We employed the Finnish National Board of Education system to implement the course and its evaluation procedures. At the end of the course, the students felt this to be a convenient, understandable, and efficient approach for imparting knowledge and students felt they gained more, compared to the traditional approach.

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