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Formation of Novice Business Students’ Mental Models Through Simulation Gaming

Julkaisun tekijätPalmunen Lauri-Matti, Pelto Elina, Paalumäki Anni, Lainema Timo

KustantajaSage Publications, Inc.


JournalSimulation and Gaming




Lopetussivun numero868

Sivujen määrä23



Studies on students’ perceptions of learning in business simulations often suggest that students like simulations and view them more positively than either lectures or case discussions.  Despite the numerous studies on learning through business simulations in general, we need further research on the actual learning outcomes deriving from participating in business simulations.  Consequently, the purpose of this case-study article is to examine how a business simulation game contributes to the cognitive learning of novices in business studies.  We describe the use of a clock-driven business simulation for teaching 133 novices in business studies at the University of Turku, Finland.  The students’ cognitive learning was evaluated based on data generated by pre- and post-game concept map tests designed to illustrate the formation and change of mental models during the simulation course.  The results of this study suggest that simulation games can provide a good basis for novice learning.  They help to increase comprehension of the complexity of business organizations and the various processes, transactions and operations involved.

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