Published development or research report or study (D4)

Access to Green. Enhancing Urban Attractiveness in Urban Centers - The Case of Turku

List of AuthorsAna Maria Jones, Markku Wilenius, Suvi Niskanen

PublisherFinland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku


Publication year2018

Title of seriesFFRC eBooks

Number in series6/2018

Start page1

End page83






Our experience of life on Earth is shaped by our environment. As development continues to grow increasingly urban, access to green becomes essential to good quality of life in today’s progressively congested cities. The integrated design and planning of urban green areas is a multi-dimensional and cross-disciplinary process that requires a combination principles of network designfunctionality and a systems thinking approach to design viewed from the perspective of human health and the growing need for protecting biodiversity.

This project calls attention to need for more quality access and adequate distribution of green areas in urban cores. The project addresses the need for more development in the design and planning of green areas as providers of human health and attractive urban life.  The project makes emphasis on the need to carry out a detail inventory of green areas and access requirements.  By doing this, the aim is to advance understanding of the current inventory of green as a starting point in the effective management, monitoring and importance of green areas-something that should also be well understood as having a strong economic impetus for the city as a whole. 

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