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Learning for expertise in collaborative networks – Insights of practitioners

List of AuthorsTanja Lepistö, Arja Lemmetyinen

Conference nameAnnual IMP Conference

Publication year2018

Self-archived copy’s web addresshttps://research.utu.fi/converis/portal/detail/Publication/36629522


In this work in process study the focus is on
work place learning in network context. We conduct a qualitative case study
focusing on two service networks. The interest is in the experiences of experts,
who have a key role in facilitating network collaboration and activities. Drawing
from the network and learning network literature together with the insights of
workplace learning, we explore learning on different levels and analyze the
characteristics of the learning process in the network context. Our research
also contributes to the discussion about learning networks research, since we
argue that even networks established without specific learning objectives can become
learning networks. Our findings indicate that a network provides a platform for
developing expertise through progressive problem solving. In our study we also highlight
the importance of network facilitation and explore the experiences of experts
having central role in facilitating collaboration and coordinating the network.
This study offers a fine-grained analysis of learning on different levels and
also highlights the elements that support learning in different levels. This
study also provides practical knowledge about learning on different levels and
factors to be considered and developed in order to support learning in

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