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Unraveling mechanisms of value co-creation in festivals

Julkaisun tekijätMervi Luonila, Kati Suomi, Tanja Lepistö

KustantajaCognizant Communication Corporation


JournalEvent Management



Lopetussivun numero60




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The aim of this qualitative case
study is to explore the mechanisms underlying value co-creation in the context
of networked festival productions. Applying the managerial perspective, this
study particularly explores why co-creation represent a valuable factor
in networked festival productions and how the activities are conducted
in the value creative platform, namely conversational space. Considering
festivals as services in their host destinations, this study applies the
context of three festivals in one city in Finland and draws on the literature
on festival management, service experience, and value co-creation.

The study shows that the co-creation
of conversational space fosters value co-creation as an interactive process,
that is, as a mechanism of value co-creation. Conversational space is found to
intertwine the festival with its host community and therefore influencing to
the justification of a festival’s existence by empowered legitimacy. Festival
managers need to consider conversational space as strategically crucial because
of the need to gain public support for festival and to enhance the
justification and existence of festival in its destination.

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