Refereed review article in scientific journal (A2)

Immunological and bacteriological aspects of reactive arthritis

List of Authors: Toivanen A, Granfors K, Lahesmaa-Rantala R, Toivanen P

Publication year: 1989

Journal: Rheumatology International

Journal name in source: Rheumatology international

Journal acronym: Rheumatol Int

Volume number: 9

Issue number: 3-5

Number of pages: 3

ISSN: 0172-8172

It is apparent that in the development of reactive arthritis the patient fails in his first line of defence against the invading microorganism. This results in persistence of the microorganism probably in or close to the intestinal epithelium. Microbial antigens may appear also in the circulation, perhaps as part of the immune complexes, or within cellular elements. Through these transportation mechanisms they enter the synovium, triggering an inflammatory process that leads to reactive arthritis.

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