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Ahvenharju Sanna, Gilbert Ylva, Illman Julia, Lunabba Johan, Vehviläinen Iivo The role of the insurance industry in environmental policy in the Nordic countries

Julkaisun tekijätSanna Ahvenharju, Ylva Gilbert, Julia Illman, Johan Lunabba, Iivo Vehviläinen

KustantajaNordic Innovation



Sarjan nimiNordic Innovation Publication

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This study was commissioned by Nordic Innovation at the request of the Nordic Council of Ministers to clarify the current and potential role of the insurance industry in Nordic countries’ environmental policy.

The study included a review of existing research complemented with primary data gathering through interviews. Policy areas where insurance could prove to be an effective tool for implementing environmental policy were identified. The findings indicate that interaction between the insurance industry and environmental policy actors has an important role to play in decision making on the most effective ways to manage environmental risks, in sharing data that both the environmental policy sector and insurance industry can benefit from, and in facilitating better understanding of environmental risks including raising public awareness.

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