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Managing constant change in innovation networks

Julkaisun tekijät: Rusanen Helena

Paikka: Reykjavik

Julkaisuvuosi: 2013

Journal: NFF Conference proceedings

Kirjan nimi *: 22nd Nordic Academy of Management Conference: On Practice and Knowledge Eruptions

ISSN: 2298-3112


This paper explores how dynamics manifest in innovation networks and how it can be managed during the innovation process. The paper identifies different types of dynamics in networks for innovation, and examines how network management aids in coping with dynamics. This is achieved through a longitudinal, multi-case study that was conducted in the field of technical business-to-business services. An abductive research strategy is applied to create new understanding of network dynamics and its management. The findings show that network dynamics is an integral part of the innovation process in networks, and dynamics takes specific forms. Network dynamics further manifest in multiple ways during the innovation process. Network management provides important means to manage the innovation process despite constant changes. Research has so far paid scarce attention to dynamics in innovation networks and to possibilities to manage dynamics. This paper thus considerably adds to current understanding in this field.

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