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ViLLE – collaborative education tool: Designing and utilizing an exercise-based learning environment

List of AuthorsMikko-Jussi Laakso, Erkki Kaila, Teemu Rajala

PublisherSpringer New York LLC

Publication year2018

JournalEducation and Information Technologies

Journal name in sourceEducation and Information Technologies

Volume number23

Issue number4

Start page1655

End page1676

Number of pages22




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Automatically assessed exercises with immediate feedback can be a
powerful tool for enhancing the effectiveness of education. In this
article, we discuss the design and implementation of a collaborative
learning tool called ViLLE. The design is based on experiences gathered
from a previously developed and thoroughly researched visualization
tool. Based on our earlier results and current educational theories, we
developed four design principles upon which ViLLE is constructed. ViLLE
includes various different exercise types which were designed to assist
in the learning of computer science, mathematics and other subjects. It
also supports different learning and teaching methods, such as pair
programming and peer review. To justify the development of a new
environment, we present four diverse case studies where ViLLE was
utilized successfully: programming education, high school matriculation
exam, elementary school mathematics and student counseling at university
level. The results obtained from the studies seem to confirm that ViLLE
can be used effectively to enhance student motivation and to improve
student performance in various heterogeneous educational setups.

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