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Institutional Agency in Startup Ecosystem Formation in Japan

List of Authors: Jarmo Nikander

Conference name: Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers

Publisher: Association of American Geographers

Publication year: 2017

Title of series: Online Annual Meeting Abstracts & Programs

Number in series: 2017

URL: http://app.core-apps.com/aagam2017/abstract/dcb181785f7fd70d2b1bd16d5ad2b512


There is a voiced demand in entrepreneurship research for further conceptualization in ecosystem formation in terms of institutional evolution and the place and function of individual institutional agents. This paper proposes that in this age of information and globalization, a new institutional field of entrepreneurship with its institutions and culture has emerged. By tapping into this global field, a local institutional agent can establish its regional variation and thus tap into a significant source to boost their efforts in building functioning startup ecosystems. The evidence for this was derived from the importation and exportation of the "startup scene" first from America to Finland and about a decade later from Finland to Japan: this ethnographic study concentrates on the latter process in Japan 2016. The startup scene is a Silicon Valley style explicit culture of tech entrepreneurship characterized by high and rapid growth goals, provided the scalability of today's tech solutions. The Finnish style of "student-led entrepreneurial revolution" is an example in bottom-up ecosystem initiation. Further, this case in Japan presents an example how this institutional field can be successfully utilized in more strategic institutional agency. As evident in Japanese policy, the economy of and innovation of Japan is long due for an entrepreneurial boost. Introducing the attractive culture of global "startup-life" might just be what takes Japan to the next level and back in the heavyweight league in post-industrial global service-economy.

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