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A process theory of relationship ending

Julkaisun tekijätHalinen Aino, Tähtinen Jaana



JournalInternational Journal of Service Industry Management

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimiInternational Journal of Service Industry Management




Lopetussivun numero180

Sivujen määrä18




This research is about the ending of business relationships: What that is, why it happens, and how an extant relationship dissolves. Ending of buyer-seller relationships has very recently attracted increased research attention. This article adds to the existing knowledge by developing a process model to understand, in particular, how dissolution advances in a professional service context. The model aims to attend the major shortcomings of existing research and distinguishes three conceptual categories: the type of relationship and its ending, the factors that influence the process, and the ending process per se. It is concluded that the ending process is always both temporally and contextually embedded and to a significant degree actor-driven; a picture of idiosyncrasy rather than deterministic development. The article ends by discussing managerial implications and making suggestions for future research.

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