A1 Journal article – refereed

Adapting to post-racialism? Definitions of racism in non-governmental organization advocacy that mainstreams anti-racism

List of Authors: Minna Seikkula

Publisher: Sage Journals

Publication year: 2019

Journal: European Journal of Cultural Studies

Volume number: 22

Issue number: 1

Number of pages: 15

ISSN: 1367-5494

eISSN: 1460-3551

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1367549417718209


Scholarly discussions contesting post-racialism have noted how the false but common belief – that systematic racism has been defeated in Western societies – works to undermine anti-racism’s critical potential. Simultaneously, the discussion about the relativization of anti-racism has mainly been located in contexts with strong anti-racist traditions. By exploring anti-racism in the Finnish civil society, the article thematizes thinking around the post-racial modality of racism in a context where racism is often presented as a recent phenomenon. A discourse analysis of non-governmental organization advocacy materials that work to mainstream anti-racism identifies three parallel problem-definitions of racism, illustrating a tendency to understand racism as an individual flaw in a non-racist social reality. This shows that trivializing racism and recentring whiteness happen through classed and aged discourses.

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