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Ethical Problems in Creating Historically Representative Mixed Reality Make-belief

Julkaisun tekijätOlli I. Heimo, Kai K. Kimppa, Laura Yli-Seppälä, Lauri Viinikkala, Timo Korkalainen, Tuomas Mäkilä, Teijo Lehtonen

Konferenssin vakiintunut nimiCEPE/ETHICOMP



Mixed Reality (MR) is a technology that is used to mix real-world elements with virtual reality. MR can use any or all the senses we have, from viewing and hearing (which are the more common methods) to tasting, feeling and smelling – even understanding balance (see e.g. Ranasinghe, Karunanayaka, Cheok, Fernando, Nii and Gopalakrishnakone 2011, Colwell, Petrie, Kornbrot, Hardwick and Furner 1998, Ischer, Baron, Mermoud, Cayeux, Porcherot, Sander & Delplanque 2014, reference withheld). To activate our visual appreciation of MR, we can use different kind of camera’s from 2D to 3D, by computers, phones or other more specific devices (Bujak, Radu, Catrambone, MacIntyre, Zheng and Golubskic 2013). The aim is to present the MR objects to the viewer in the same space as the ‘real’ objects are (Di Serio, Ibáñez,and Carlos 2013).

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