Refereed journal article or data article (A1)

Finnish Tatars and the trilingual Tatar-Finnish dictionary

List of Authors: Jorma Luutonen, Arto Moisio, Okan Daher

Publisher: Harrassowitz

Place: Wiesbaden

Publication year: 2017

Journal: Turkic Languages

Volume number: 21

Issue number: 2

Number of pages: 15

ISSN: 1431-4983


The first part of the article gives an
account of the history and characteristics of the Finnish Tatar minority of approx.
700 people. This group was formed about a hundred years ago when Mishar Tatar-speaking
merchants from Tsarist Russia began to settle in Finland. Special emphasis is
given to factors explaining the vitality of the Tatar heritage language. The
second part describes the compilation and characteristics of the Tatar-Finnish
dictionary, which contains both Kazan Tatar and Finnish Tatar vocabulary. The problems
encountered in dictionary making are treated as evidence giving insight into
the language ecology of the Finnish Tatar language community.

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