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Addressing the Challenges of University Research in Sub-Saharan African Universities: A Cameroonian Perspective for Performance-Based Management

List of Authors: Bilola Theresia, Samfoga Doh

Publisher: International Journal of Arts and Sciences

Place: USA

Publication year: 2011

Journal: International Journal of Arts & Sciences

Journal acronym: IJAS

Number in series: 8

Volume number: 4

Issue number: 8

Number of pages: 18

ISSN: 1557-718X

eISSN: 1944-6934


The purpose of this conceptual and descriptive paper is to provide an overview of the state of university research in Cameroon with reference to its major challenges. It will equally outline the need for a ‘new’ management system for university research in Cameroon and how the model would ameliorate the challenges encountered. The analysis in this paper would make a contribution to the literature on higher education in Cameroon. Some scholars have carried out studies on scientific research in Cameroon from a general perspective as well as studies on access to research in universities but little has been done in terms of strategic management of university research or its relevance to the objectives of higher education in Cameroon. This paper would discuss the state of university research in Cameroon as well as how performance based management can address the challenges. Given the pressures for university research to become more relevant to societal needs, be accountable to its stakeholders, maintain quality, and use the least possible resources (human, physical and fiscal) there is a need for studies on how university research can address challenges that hinder the response to these demands. The paper attempts to answer the following question and sub questions: How can performance-based management address the challenges of university research in Cameroon?

  1. What are the challenges of university research in Sub-Saharan Africa and Cameroon in particular? How does performance-based management (PBM) address these challenges?

  2. Are there any good practices (policy, lines of action, practices) that have been undertaken in Cameroon (system level and University of Buea) that can address the challenges or serve as starting points for performance-based management of university research?

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