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Shared Experiences of Mass Shootings: A Comparative Perspective on the Aftermath

List of Authors: Nurmi Johanna

Place: Oxford

Publication year: 2017

Title of series: Routledge Advances in Sociology

ISBN: 9781138217393

eISBN: 9781315440682


violence and terrorism are a salient phenomenon in the late modern
society, showing no sign of decline. Proactive results from the long,
ongoing debate of how to address these issues are therefore increasingly
necessary – not just in the context of prevention, but also in the
context of the aftermath.

Shared Experiences of Mass Shootings develops an
understanding of the collective experience, consequences and recovery
processes after mass shootings. Drawing from in-depth case studies of
two mass shootings in Finland and comparing them with other
international cases, it explores how communities work through violent
tragedies employing social memory and memorialization practices that can
be seen as either tools for recovery, or as something that needs to be

Contributing a novel understanding of how experiencing mass violence
is deeply gendered through the social patterns and narratives of men’s
and women’s emotions, this timely monograph will appeal to undergraduate
and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers,
interested in fields such as: Sociology of Violence, Criminology, Social
Work, Memory Studies, Media Studies and Cultural Trauma.

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