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Pūrvāparaprajñābhinandanam – East and West, Past and Present: Indological and Other Essays in Honour of Klaus Karttunen

List of Authors: Bertil Tikkanen, Albion M. Butters

Publication year: 2011

Volume number: 110

ISSN: ISSN 0039-3282

URL: https://journal.fi/store/issue/view/1231


2011. xxiv + 333 pp. Pūrvāparaprajñābhinandanam – East and West, Past and Present: Indological and Other Essays in Honour of Klaus Karttunen. Ed. Bertil Tikkanen & Albion M. Butters. — B. Tikkanen Preface. — G. Bailey “Him I Call a Brahmin”: Further instances of intertextuality between the Mahābhārata and some Pāli texts. — H. Bakker Origin and Spread of the Pāśupata Movement: About Heracles, Lakulīśa and symbols of masculinity. — J. Bronkhorst Archetypes and Bottlenecks: Reflections on the text history of the Mahābhārata. —M. Broo Drama in the Service of Kṛṣṇa: Rūpa Gosvāmin’s Nāṭaka-Candrikā. — R.P. Das The Classical Āyurvedic Representation of Human Anatomy. — M.M. Deshpande Ārṣa versus Anārṣa in Pāṇini and Allied Literature. — H. Falk Die Kurus und Ihre Jungen Frauen. — M. Fujii The Recovery of the Body after Death: A prehistory of the devayāna and pitr̥yāna. — J. Meulenbeld Lakṣmaṇa’s Yogacandrikā. — P. Olivelle War and Peace: Semantics of Saṃdhi and Vigraha in the Arthaśāstra. — A. Parpola The Three Ways of Chanting in a Sacrificial Laud: Chapter two of Jaimini-Paryadhyāya (Jaiminīya-Śrautasūtra III) with Bhavatrāta’s commentary: Sanskrit text with an annotated English translation. — R. Salomon The Macedonian Month Xandikos in Gandhāran Inscriptions. — H. Schildt Rare Mediaeval Kerala Murals at Kumbla, near Kasargode. — B. Tikkanen Domaki Noun Inflection and Case Syntax. — O. Merisalo In Horis Sanguinis: Physiology and Generation in the Pseudo-Galenic De Spermate. — P. Pohjanlehto Nasal Reduction in Late Luwian. — J. Pyysalo Fourteen Indo-European Etymologies in Honour of Klaus Karttunen. — H. Halén Henrik Grenman and Olga Sederholm – Two unlucky Finnish Orientalists from the town of Vasa. — T. Harviainen Syriac Poems Written by Finnish Scholars in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. — N. Johansson Abraham Ibn Ezra on “The Scholars of India” – A twelfth century Jewish view of Indian astrology. — K. Öhrnberg Georg August Wallin: An Orientalist between national and imperial orientalism. — Y. Vassilkov From the History of Indian Studies in Russia: Gerasim Lebedev and the Freemasons.

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