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Changing Faces of Change: Metanarratives in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

List of Authors: Albion M. Butters

Publisher: European Association for American Studies (EAAS)

Publication year: 2017

Journal: European Journal of American Studies

Journal acronym: EJAS

Volume number: 12

Issue number: 2

Number of pages: 22

ISSN: 1991-9336



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This article explores the significance of the theme of “change” in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, going beyond its rhetorical use by the candidates or as a way of defining a historic electoral shift (making an “election of change”) to examine how change played a critical role in the political landscape itself. One can locate voters’ desire for change in many existing conditions leading up to the race, but also ideologically and as a force in its own right. Framing of the election as a story reveals that the various actors were increasingly aware of their shifting identities, representations, and agency; thus, change was not just a plot of the story, frequently expressed in terms of populism and popular culture, but a fundamental dynamic behind competing metanarratives and contestations of how the story should be told.

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