Refereed journal article or data article (A1)

Fatty acids as determinants of in-vivo lipid peroxidation: The EFFGE study in Eastern Finnish hypertensive and non-hypertensive subjects

List of Authors: Kaikkonen JE, Vilppo T, Asikainen J, Voutilainen S, Kurl S, Salonen JT


Publication year: 2013

Journal: Annals of Medicine

Journal name in source: ANNALS OF MEDICINE

Journal acronym: ANN MED

Number in series: 5-6

Volume number: 45

Issue number: 5-6

Number of pages: 10

ISSN: 0785-3890


Conclusions. We propose that elevated lipid peroxidation is associated with several risk factors of CVD, such as a low PUFA/SFA ratio, whereas the FA precursors of lipid peroxidation, i.e. omega-3 and omega-6 PUFAs are associated with attenuated F-2-IsoP levels. These findings provide mechanistic support for earlier observations linking PUFA to improved cardiovascular health.

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