A1 Journal article – refereed

Deep sclerectomy in primary open-angle glaucoma and exfoliative glaucoma

List of Authors: Suominen SMA, Harju MP, Vesti ET


Publication year: 2016

Journal: European Journal of Ophthalmology


Journal acronym: EUR J OPHTHALMOL

Volume number: 26

Issue number: 6

Number of pages: 7

ISSN: 1120-6721

eISSN: 1724-6016

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5301/ejo.5000762

Purpose: To study the effect of deep sclerectomy (DS) in primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) and exfoliative glaucoma (EXG).Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the intraocular pressure (IOP)-lowering effect of DS in 235 consecutive eyes. Eyes were divided into 2 groups according to glaucoma subtype: POAG (127 eyes) and EXG (108 eyes). Postoperative IOP was the main outcome measurement. We recorded complete and qualified surgical success, need for YAG-laser goniopuncture, and need for postoperative glaucoma medication. We studied factors related to outcome of surgery in a Cox regression model.Results: In the POAG group, the mean (SD) IOP decreased from 22.6 (5.1) mm Hg preoperatively to 16.8 (7.5) mm Hg, with qualified success achieved in 70% of eyes. Postoperatively, 57% were without medication. In the EXG group, IOP decreased from 25.5 (6.5) mm Hg preoperatively to 16.5 (7.8) mm Hg postoperatively, with qualified success achieved in 66% of eyes. Postoperatively, 50% were without medication. Decrease in IOP was statistically significant in both groups (p<0.001). In the POAG group, 12%, and in the EXG group, 24% needed a reoperation in the follow-up period (p = 0.037). In the Cox regression model, 1 week IOP between 2 and 14 mm Hg without medication lowered the hazard rate of losing complete success by 34% (p = 0.031) and the hazard rate of losing qualified success by 54% (p = 0.004).Conclusions: The IOP 1 week postoperatively seems to be a prominent indicator of surgical success. Deep sclerectomy is effective in reducing IOP in POAG and EXG subgroups, with reoperations more common in EXG eyes.

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