C2 Edited book

Communities in Translation and Interpreting

List of Authors: Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov, Liisa Tiittula, Maarit Koponen

Place: Montreal

Publication year: 2017

Title of series: Vita Traductiva

Number in series: 9

ISBN: 978-2-924337-09-7

eISBN: 978-2-924337-10-3

ISSN: 1927-7792

URL: http://vitatraductiva.blog.yorku.ca/publication/communities-in-translation-and-interpreting/


As fundamentally social activities, translation and interpreting
necessarily engage with the notion of community. Translators and
interpreters ensure communication between different linguistic
communities, work themselves within professional communities, interact
with other communities of agents in the translation or interpretation
process, and reach out to diverse communities of readers. Using concepts
such as voice and translatorial action, nexus analysis, or Action
Research, the groundbreaking essays in this volume show how analysing
these community dimensions can shed fresh light on the practice of
translation and interpretation. Articles examine relationships between
translators and other communities during translation work, study
cohesion or conflict within communities of translators, interpreters or
translation scholars, and explore cooperation with communities of
librarians and teachers of literature.

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