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Towards Internationally Shared Principles of Quality Teacher Education: Across Finland, Hong Kong, and the United States

Julkaisun tekijätViesca Kara Mitchell, Goodwin A. Lin, Warinowski Anu, Mikkilä-Erdmann Mirjamaija

KustantajaSpringer International Publishing


Kirjan nimi *Palgrave Handbook of Teacher Education Research

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimiThe Palgrave Handbook of Teacher Education Research: Volume 1,2







During an era of globalization and increasing geo-political complexity, strong international intellectual communities committed to quality teachers is crucial. “[H]igher expectations for learning and greater diversity of learners around the globe will likely be better met if nations can learn from each other about what matters and what works in different contexts” (Darling-Hammond 2017, 307). Yet, the successes or challenges regarding quality teacher education that occur in varied national contexts are often dismissed as being irrelevant to quality teacher education in another national context (Partanen 2011). While particular contextual nuances are relevant, the commonalities and opportunities for improved research and practice through collaboration among/within national contexts is expansive (Darling-Hammond 2017; Edge et al., 2017; Zhao 2010). It is within this landscape that a team of researchers from the Finland, Hong Kong, and the United States are collaborating to examine teacher education research and practice in three unique contexts in order to co-construct shared understandings and possibilities grounded in principles of quality teacher education. The study examines models, research, and standards utilized in teacher education in each national site that together suggest internationally shared principles of quality teacher education to inform and ground ongoing international research and practice: collaborative curiosity, wholistic self-determination, and equity through pluralism.

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