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From television genre to film genre: Finnish Schlager music on small and big screens

List of AuthorsKeinonen Heidi


Publication year2023

JournalJournal of Scandinavian Cinema

Volume number13

Issue number1

Start page51

End page57




Schlager shows were one of the main attractions on early Finnish television. Featuring a popular music genre, the shows were soon followed by a wave of Schlager films. In this article, I discuss Schlager film as an intermedial genre that sheds light on the early forms of cooperation between television, film and record industries. Focusing on the Schlager film Hit parade (1959), I suggest that while television was often seen merely as a competitor of the film industry, contributing to the crisis of Finnish film production, the relation between the two was more ambiguous than that: the case of Hit parade indicates that the film industry was also interested in the potential provided by the new medium.

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