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Emergency MRI in Spine Trauma of Children and Adolescents—A Pictorial Review

List of AuthorsSirén Aapo, Nyman Mikko, Syvänen Johanna, Mattila Kimmo, Hirvonen Jussi


Publication year2023


Journal acronymChildren

Article number1094

Volume number10

Issue number7


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Severe spinal trauma is uncommon in the pediatric population, but due to the potentially devastating consequences of missed injury, it poses a diagnostic challenge in emergency departments. Diagnostic imaging is often needed to exclude or confirm the injury and to assess its extent. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers an excellent view of both bony and soft tissue structures and their traumatic findings without exposing children to ionizing radiation. Our pictorial review aims to demonstrate the typical traumatic findings, physiological phenomena, and potential pitfalls of emergency MRI in the trauma of the growing spine.

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