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The Stability of Phenolic Compounds in Fruit, Berry, and Vegetable Purees Based on Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing Methodology

Julkaisun tekijätSaarniit Kärt, Lang Hanna N, Kuldjärv Rain, Laaksonen Oskar, Rosenvald Sirli




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Evaluating the stability of polyphenols in fruit, berry, and vegetable purees helps to assess the quality of these products during storage. This study aimed to (1) monitor the stability of total phenolic content (TPC) in four-grain puree with banana and blueberry (FGBB), mango-carrot-sea buckthorn puree (MCB), and fruit and yogurt puree with biscuit (FYB); (2) study the effect of aluminum-layered vs. aluminum-free packaging on the changes in TPC; and (3) assess the suitability of accelerated shelf-life testing (ASLT) methodology to evaluate the stability of polyphenols. The samples were stored at 23 degrees C for 182, 274, 365, and 427 days. The corresponding time points during ASLT at 40 degrees C were 28, 42, 56, and 66 days, calculated using Q(10) = 3. The TPC was determined with Folin-Ciocalteu method. The results revealed that the biggest decrease in TPC took place with high-pH FGBB, which contained fewer ingredients with bioactive compounds. Minor changes were seen in FYB and MCB, which had lower pH values, and contained a larger amount of ingredients that include polyphenols. In addition, the choice of packaging material did not affect the TPC decrease in each puree. Finally, it was concluded that the ASLT methodology is suitable for studying the TPC changes in such purees, but the corresponding Q(10) factors may vary and should be determined based on the chemical profile and ingredient list of the product.

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