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Transformation and survival in marginal zone lymphoma: a Finnish nationwide population-based study

List of AuthorsKalashnikov Ilja, Tanskanen Tomas, Viisanen Leevi, Malila Nea, Jyrkkiö Sirkku, Leppä Sirpa


Publication year2023

JournalBlood Cancer Journal

Journal acronymBLOOD CANCER J

Article number 62

Volume number13

Number of pages8





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Marginal zone lymphoma (MZL) is an indolent B-cell malignancy with heterogeneous anatomical and clinical presentation. While MZLs are generally associated with long survival, some patients experience histological transformation to aggressive large B-cell lymphoma. Population-based long-term data on the transformation of MZL is limited. We conducted a nationwide population-based study to estimate the risk of transformation and relative survival in patients diagnosed with MZL in Finland from 1995-2018. We identified a total of 1454 patients with MZL from the Finnish Cancer Registry (FCR). The cumulative incidence of transformation was 4.7% (95% CI, 3.6-6.2) at 10 years. The highest incidence of transformation was observed in the patients with splenic MZL (14.0%; 95% CI, 8.6-22.7). The transformation was associated with a substantially increased risk of death (HR, 5.18; 95% CI, 3.58-7.50). Ten-year relative survival was 79% (95% CI, 73-83%). Transformation, nodal MZL subtype, and older age at diagnosis were associated with increased excess mortality, whereas patients diagnosed at a later calendar period had a lower excess risk of death. We conclude that transformation resulted in a substantially increased mortality irrespective of MZL subtype compared with the patients without transformation. Our results also suggest a reduction in excess mortality in recent years.

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