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Relationality in Intervews

List of AuthorsKähkönen Lotta, Straube WIbke, MacDonald James Lórien

Publication year2023


Issue number5



Our series of video interviews is based on collaboration between members of our working group and artists and cultural producers. For us, understanding the process of producing the interview series in this project took some time. Time became an essential element in our approach. We needed to give time to get to know each other, to understand each other’s ways of thinking and experiencing the world, and to fathom how each interview is shaped by different relational intensities. We have learned a lot about interviews as a social, sensorial, and emotional encounters.

What we call relational interviewing can happen in multiple ways. The word ‘relationality’ broadly refers to connectedness and understanding of ourselves as relational beings. In the context of social sciences, relational approach to interviews emphasizes interview as a generative process based on dialogical relationship, which necessitates mutually agreed terms for interacting, listening, and discussing with one another.

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