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Cord serum metabolic signatures of future progression to immune-mediated diseases

List of AuthorsHyötyläinen Tuulia, Karthikeyan Bagavathy S., Ghaffarzadegan Tannaz, Triplett Eric W., Orešič Matej, Ludvigsson Johnny

PublisherElsevier Inc.

Publication year2023


Journal name in sourceiScience

Volume number26

Issue number3





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Previous prospective studies suggest that progression to autoimmune diseases is preceded by metabolic dysregulation, but it is not clear which metabolic changes are disease-specific and which are common across multiple immune-mediated diseases. Here we investigated metabolic profiles in cord serum in a general population cohort (All Babies In Southeast Sweden; ABIS), comprising infants who progressed to one or more immune-mediated diseases later in life: type 1 diabetes (n = 12), celiac disease (n = 28), juvenile idiopathic arthritis (n = 9), inflammatory bowel disease (n = 7), and hypothyroidism (n = 6); and matched controls (n = 270). We observed elevated levels of multiple triacylglycerols (TGs) an alteration in several gut microbiota related metabolites in the autoimmune groups. The most distinct differences were observed in those infants who later developed HT. The specific similarities observed in metabolic profiles across autoimmune diseases suggest that they share specific common metabolic phenotypes at birth that contrast with those of healthy controls.

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