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Chromatin remodelers HELLS, WDHD1 and BAZ1A are dynamically expressed during mouse spermatogenesis

Julkaisun tekijät: Prakash Yadav Ram, Leskinen Sini, Ma Lin, Mäkelä Juho-Antti, Kotaja Noora

Julkaisuvuosi: 2023

Journal: Reproduction

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimi: Reproduction (Cambridge, England)

Lehden akronyymi: Reproduction

Volyymi: 165

Julkaisunumero: 1

Aloitussivu: 49

Lopetussivun numero: 63

ISSN: 1470-1626

eISSN: 1741-7899


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In brief: Proper regulation of heterochromatin is critical for spermatogenesis. This study reveals the dynamic localization patterns of distinct chromatin regulators during spermatogenesis and disrupted sex chromatin status in spermatocytes in the absence of DICER.

Abstract: Heterochromatin is dynamically formed and organized in differentiating male germ cells, and its proper regulation is a prerequisite for normal spermatogenesis. While heterochromatin is generally transcriptionally silent, we have previously shown that major satellite repeat (MSR) DNA in the pericentric heterochromatin (PCH) is transcribed during spermatogenesis. We have also shown that DICER associates with PCH and is involved in the regulation of MSR-derived transcripts. To shed light on the heterochromatin regulation in the male germline, we studied the expression, localization and heterochromatin association of selected testis-enriched chromatin regulators in the mouse testis. Our results show that HELLS, WDHD1 and BAZ1A are dynamically expressed during spermatogenesis. They display limited overlap in expression, suggesting involvement in distinct heterochromatin-associated processes at different steps of differentiation. We also show that HELLS and BAZ1A interact with DICER and MSR chromatin. Interestingly, deletion of Dicer1 affects the sex chromosome heterochromatin status in late pachytene spermatocytes, as demonstrated by mislocalization of Polycomb protein family member SCML1 to the sex body. These data substantiate the importance of dynamic heterochromatin regulation during spermatogenesis and emphasize the key role of DICER in the maintenance of chromatin status in meiotic male germ cells.

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