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Biodiversity as Integral to Strongly Sustainable Supply Chains: Review and Exemplars in the Natural Resources Sector

Julkaisun tekijätQuarshie Anne, Salmi Asta, Scott-Kennel Joanna, Kähkönen Anni-Kaisa

Painoksen nimi tai numero1st edition



Kirjan nimi *Strongly Sustainable Societies: Organising Human Activities on a Hot and Full Earth


Lopetussivun numero188




Biodiversity reduction is one of the most severe environmental challenges facing our planet. Yet research that connects company action with subsequent effect on biodiversity is somewhat limited, and complicated by the fact that such effects are often distanced, both spatially and temporally, from the individual actions that caused them. This chapter brings together existing research in sustainable supply chain management with empirical evidence of companies moving towards more sustainable business and supply chain practices. The chapter presents three exemplar cases in Finnish and New Zealand natural resource sectors (forestry, agriculture and fishing). Our vignettes show how companies can develop activities and practices to address biodiversity loss.

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