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12 Tasty Futures Literacy Recipes for Sustainability Innovators
(Unesco Chair in Learning for Transformation & Planetary Futures Blog)

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Developing futures literacy with other people requires experimentation, patience, and continual ‘learning by doing’. These experiences offer opportunities to practice intentionally varying your modes and purposes of imagining futures. Through these experiences, you understand specifically how the futures you imagine drive what you (with others) perceive, choose, and do; and generate collective rewards and new from imagining futures in a wider number of ways for different purposes.

The following 12 exercises can be used by any team to practice and experiment with futures literacy. These exercises originated from the ‘experimental check-ins’ of the FLxDeep 2020 consortium supported by EIT Climate-KIC. At each meeting our team would test out an experimental check-in prompt invented by one of the team members. After everyone answered, the group would reflect upon how the prompt could be useful for developing futures literacy.

We are pleased to share these 12 tasty recipes, enough to supply a team with check-in prompts for a full year’s worth of monthly meetings. Each one is tested and ready to use. We hope they bring you benefit and inspire you to invent your own future-themed check-in experiments.

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