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Risk governance and financial performance of public commercial banks of the OECD
(Conference abstract: World Finance and Banking Symposium 2022)

Julkaisun tekijätMalik Muddassar

Konferenssin vakiintunut nimiWorld Finance and Banking Symposium

KustantajaFlorida International University

PaikkaFIU Business, Florida International University


Kirjan nimi *World Finance & Banking Symposium: e-proceedings


Lopetussivun numero97




Risk governance in place is an effective system to supervise bank's risk-taking within the bank'spolicies and regulatory requirements. However, it is not necessarily and by default understood that bank's financial performance would increase by risk governance in place. For bank financial performance to increase the internal risk governance system has to be coordinated with financial goals along with its objectives to supervise risk-taking. This research investigates the impact of risk governance on the financial performance of public commercial banks of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Results suggest a negative association of risk governance with financial performance of the banks. This research adds value to the implementation of risk governance and financial performance objectives of the banks and is
helpful in decisions making by managers and supervisory authorities.

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