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An integrative review of the continuing professional development needs for nurse educators

Julkaisun tekijätSmith Jamie, Kean Susanne, Vauhkonen Anneli, Elonen Imane, Campos Silva Simone, Pajari Juha, Cassar Maria, Martin-Deldago Leandra, Zrubcova Dana, Salminen Leena



JournalNurse Education Today

Artikkelin numero105695





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Objectives: The study aimed at describing the field of research in continuing professional development for nurse educators and the continuous education and development needs of nurse educators by asking: What research has been done in the field of continuing professional development of nurse educators? What are the continuing education and development needs and requirements reported for and by nurse educators?

Design: An integrative review of peer-reviewed academic literature following a systematic search design.

Data sources: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods publications in CINAHL, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Embase, ERIC, and PubMed.

Review methods: Search results were screened for full text and assessed for quality using the Mixed Methods Assessment Tool. Full texts were then thematic analysed using an inductive and reflective process.

Results: The number of published academic articles about the continuing professional development for nurse educators is small (n = 13). The themes produced from the articles identify heterogenous development needs for nurse educators, clustered around four themes: (1) professional competencies (2) management and resources, (3) communication and collaboration, and (4) agency. The findings of this review show that nurse educators have multiple roles which have specific and multiple personal and institutional needs.

Conclusions: The results of this review show that the continuing professional development needs are heterogenous between nurse educators, yet share commonalities across departmental teams as a whole, and across different countries. This raises the issue of how these needs can or should be, focused on the sustainable development of nurse educators.

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