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Vastavuoroisuuden jälkeen – Bitcoin-kryptovaluutta ja virtuaalinen luottamusnormi markkinoilla

List of AuthorsTikkanen Samuli, Koivula Aki, Räsänen Pekka

PublisherPoliittisen talouden tutkimuksen seura ry

Publication year2022

JournalPoliittinen talous

Volume number10

Issue number2

Start page38

End page65

eISSN 2341-7862



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The popularity of cryptocurrencies is a major trend of the 2020s. In a short period of time, a considerable amount of wealth has flowed into this poorly regulated field of economy. This article portrays the defining qualities of Bitcoin markets and describes the ties of social trust that emerge from the system. The article examines the relationship between Bitcoin technology and political ideologies and the societal factors that have gi-ven Bitcoin its ideological foundation. Bitcoin’s value is backed by Bitcoin ideology, which is defined by presenting technology as non-political and human actors as untrustworthy. The article argues that the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin is based on questioning the social trust norm. From the general distrust of political institutions and human actors that emerged from the Bitcoin ideology, a new virtual norm of trust has emerged, whe-re trust is built in relation to blockchain technology.

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