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Biomimetic Total Synthesis of Angiopterlactone B and Other Potential Natural Products

List of AuthorsKotammagari TK, Gonnade RG, Bhattacharya AK


Publication year2017

JournalOrganic Letters

Journal name in sourceORGANIC LETTERS

Journal acronymORG LETT

Volume number19

Issue number13

Start page3564

End page3567

Number of pages4



A one-pot biomimetic synthesis of (-)-angiopterlactone B and its enantiomer (+)-angiopterlactone B has been accomplished via TBAF-catalyzed tandem ring contraction followed by oxa-Michael/Michael addition sequence. Comparison of specific optical rotations, absolute configurations, and CD spectra of natural, synthesized (-)-angiopterlactone B and (+)-angiopterlactone B unequivocally proves that the isolated angiopterlactone B must be levorotatory. Synthesis of hitherto undiscovered natural products 18 and 20 and analogues of angiopterlactone B demonstrate the versatility of this method.

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