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A competitive precision CRISPR method to identify the fitness effects of transcription factor binding sites

List of AuthorsPihlajamaa Päivi, Kauko Otto, Sahu Biswajyoti, Kivioja Teemu, Taipale Jussi

PublisherNature Portfolio

Publication year2023

JournalNature Biotechnology

Journal name in sourceNATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY

Journal acronymNAT BIOTECHNOL

Volume number41

Start page197

End page203

Number of pages26





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Here we describe a competitive genome editing method that measures the effect of mutations on molecular functions, based on precision CRISPR editing using template libraries with either the original or altered sequence, and a sequence tag, enabling direct comparison between original and mutated cells. Using the example of the MYC oncogene, we identify important transcriptional targets and show that E-box mutations at MYC target gene promoters reduce cellular fitness. A competitive CRISPR method discovers targets and phenotypic effects of the MYC oncogene.

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